I studied two things in college — art and computer science. Which do you think paid better? 😂 After a career in technology, I’ve picked up my paintbrush again and found happiness and peace of mind.

I grew up in the house of artist. For my entire life I was surrounded by my mother’s paintings, drawings and art books. Needless to say, I picked up drawing at a young age. During art school I never had a lot of patience for painting. I found it too fussy and unforgiving. Nowadays, I have more wisdom and I’ve grown to love the craft of producing a finished painting.

I paint original paintings on archival quality hardboard panels using the best quality acrylic paints. My subjects usually involve the natural world, but often include a hint that humans are there, too.

Frequently Asked ArtIST Questions

How long have you been painting?

Even though I studied art in college, I had a terrible time painting. I actually flunked. I just had zero patience for it. In 2016, I tried again and found something I truly love.

How many paintings do you make a year?

I try hard to produce 1-2 new paintings each week. In 2018, I finished 73 paintings.

Why do you use Acrylic?

My studio is in my home and I don't want the fumes associated with oils. Acrylics also do what I want them to do. I like to work fast and blend as little as possible. Because acrylic paints dry so fast, I can add many layers of paint quickly.

How do you price your paintings?

I charge by the square inch. For the rest of 2019, it’s approximately $2.75 a square inch. After consulting with several other artists, I felt this was the most consistent and fair way to charge. Every six months I reassess my prices and have steadily been increasing them over the last three years.

Do you do commissions?

Yes, when it makes sense. I only take on a handful of commissions each year. I prefer to do work that fits into the rest of my themes and style. If you have an inspiring place or subject, I’m happy to take a look! I enjoy talking about what makes a great painting and what the subject means to a client.

Do you offer workshops?

Not at this time.

Will you paint another version of your painting?

Occasionally, I will take on a request to repaint one of my paintings in .a larger format.